DSMLink V2 and up, Hondata V2 and up, GM MAF-T. Base maps can be done on AEM, Kpro and Haltech.

Here is a break down of tuning prices.

Option 1) Full tune is $600. Includes idle, mid, and wot tuning, boost leak test, compression test, securing all reachable vac hoses, going over any possible flaws in the setup, new spark plugs gap'd and installed, setting base timing if applicable.

Option 2*)For those DSMers that are capable of doing boost leak tests, have enough skill to secure all their own vacuum lines, and feel comfortable doing everything but tuning. This package is $450. It is ONLY for tuning your vehicle that is ready to roll. Includes idle, mid, and wot tuning*.

*If your car has boost leaks, you have the wrong spark plugs in, or they are not gap'd according to the power/boost levels made, additional fees will be added.

Basically anything that will halt the tuning process. I strive to give you the best product possible, with the given setup. This is why I prefer to do all the additional work in option 1

Tuning an additional map (say race gas/91, E85/91), is an additional $350. Includes installing your switch and setting everything up via link. Race fuels/E85 not included in the price. Please do not bring your car on empty.

The price of fuel will be added to your tune balance. For switchable/flex fuel maps, the secondary fuel will be added to your balance.

Re-tune prices vary depending on what has been changed on the setup. For example, a fuel change re-tune would only be $300 on most setups plus cost of fuel.

As with anything high performance, nothing is guaranteed. There are risks with tuning and failure can happen at ANY power level no matter how well built or inspected the vehicle. We assume no responsibility for what happens during a tune. The customer assumes all risks.